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First Presbyterian Church of Sharon has a long and vital history.  The church began in downtown Sharon in 1844.  The church moved up the East State Street hill to its current locale in 1927.  Throughout the years it has been a leader in the community, sharing in community care, mission, art, and Christian faith.  Throughout all the ups, downs, and changes in the Shenango Valley, First Church has been a community of beauty and hope.


Today that call of God to our community is grounded in hospitality that welcomes all people, worship that celebrates  the love and beauty of God, and mission that asks “what’s God doing in our neighborhood?”  At the very center of our life together is an emerging way of life and faith we call “Deep Well, No Fences.”

The original First Presbyterian Church

The current church is the second building occupied by the congregation of First Presbyterian, Sharon. 

The first church, shown at left, was originally located in downtown Sharon across State Street from the Reyer's plaza near the current parking area. 

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