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It's a strange sight to city folk, traveling through the dry mountains of northern Arizona; herds of cattle roam the open range—no fences. 

A local cowboy explains the mystery: "Around here, fences aren't needed. Cattle stay close to water. A few might wander off, but not often. The cattle seem to know that a good well is a source of life."


And so it is with Faith at First. 


Together, we find this story to be a wonderful model for our Christian life together: deep well, and no fences. In a season when many churches define themselves by positions on 'fence' or boundary issues, First Presbyterian Church of Sharon has chosen to define ourselves as a group that gathers together at the deep well of faith, hope, and love in our God. Together. In Love. 


We trust in God's Good Well, and invite all our Neighbors to share in the Living Waters and Life we find there.


First Presbyterian Church Sharon, PA Youth



First Presbyterian Church of Sharon was founded in downtown Sharon in 1844. In 1927, the congregation moved up State Street to our present location. In the years following, the congregation had a vision of ministry for the Shenango Valley and grew rapidly. In the turbulent years of the 1970s and 1980s with the decline of the steel industry and the closing of the Westinghouse plant, the congregation had a special ministry of care and hope.


In Isaiah 2: 1-4, the prophet shares a vision of a new age, when all nations shall come to worship GOD, and when weapons and attitudes of war and destruction are transformed into tools and actions of peace and prosperity for all. In his words and life, Jesus Christ announced that age to be dawning. As a Christian community, we believe that new age breaks into our world when we love God and love each other as neighbors.


Today a new vision of being a congregation of worship and mission is beginning to form. It’s a new dynamic vision of sharing in God’s mission for the community and for the world. It’s a vision of hospitality, joy and hope, as all people are welcomed into a community that celebrates God’s grace.

Church Office Hours


The church office is open Tuesday to Friday, from 9:00am - 3:30pm. You may contact the office at 724-981-2211 ext. 1. 


Email the office manager

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